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Astrology : An Introduction

Dr. Basudev Krishna Shastri

Astrology is the most important branches of Vedic science.The Vedic philosophy has (j}lbsbz{g zf:q) five sub-branches –Shabdashastra (Jofs/0f+ d'vd\), Jyotishshastra Chachhu (Hof]ltifzf:q+rIf'), Shruti Shastra (>'tLzf:q), Nirukta (lg?St), Kalpa Shastra (sNk zf:q).

There are 3 departments in Jyotish Shastra (Hof]ltifzf:q) – Siddhanta, Sanhita and Horashastra, Siddhanta (Mathematical)Shastra explains about the planet positions (Sun, Moon, Marsh, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn, Rahu, Ketu and Galaxy) and counts Panchanga (Tithi, Bar, Nakshatra, Yog, Karan)etc.

Sanhita Shastra explains of the movement of planets and effect on natural and human life accordingly.

The Hora Shastra explains about the past, present and future of elements and schedules of natural life and human life journey.

What is Human life chart?


There are 12 Rashis, 12 Lagnas, 9 planets and 28 nakchhatra mandal explained in Vedic astrology. These are major elements to effect in human life chart and astrologers may able to explain the past, present future of life according to their movement and effect. One has to understand the negative and positive effect of planets in human life.

Here, it would be better if we understand clearly what is meant by Luck, Effort and Destiny. Destiny is certain, it cannot be changed or altered by human effort, whereas luck is that uncanny phenomenon which takes out the deficiency of efforts to make us get over destiny.

If efforts represent E, if luck represents - L and if destiny represents D, then E + L = D.

That is, one's destiny is preordained but to achieve it, one has to make efforts supported by better luck; you would get it with much less effort. Suppose one has to become an Engineer. That is his destiny. The effort part of the equation would make you learn science subjects and the better phase of the life would see it that one passes successfully with better marks to get admission in an Engineering College and qualify as an Engineer. In case one does not get support of his luck, one would have to do great efforts to get one's due, which means one cannot stop his efforts.

Astrology only tells about the good or bad phase of life about the luck part of the equation to enable to do efforts in accordance with the phase of life one is passing through.

Bhrigu Samhita

Bhrigu Samhita gave precise predictions for every second of human life. He worked very laboriously for many years to determine the planetary positions, judgement of longevity and their consequent effects on human beings for the full duration of life believed by Astrological calculations to be of 120 years of life span. Since Astrology was developed as a science to study the effect of heavenly bodies on the human life, the planets have also been symbolised in conformity with general human emotions as marvels of the World Astrology.

Parasara Horashastra

Maharashi Jaimini is a pre-parasara authority.

The following suggestions (qualifications) are laid down to become successful Astrologers.

  1. The Astrologer should have no hatred for anyone.
  2. He must have contentment and be joyful.
  3. He must be an expert in Astrology.
  4. He should be capable of identifying favourable and unfavourable forces hidden from to time.
  5. He should be gifted with the clear power of speech in Astrology.
  6. He should be capable of skilful interpretations.
  7. He must be peaceful and patient with the sweet voice.
  8. Discerning the past, present and the future.
  9. He must be one who has conquered his passions and sensual pleasure.
  10. Observing his daily religious practice.
  11. Be always moderate, never indulges in excess.
  12. Serves people and removes the sufferings of humanity.

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